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Glenn is a retired lawyer whose dreams evolved beyond simply being successful in the practice of law to creating a legacy that feeds the soul of humanity. After feeling unfulfilled in the practice of law, Glenn made the bold decision to close his law practice and move in a new direction. He began studying thought leadership and mind development in earnest and saw an opportunity to use emerging technologies to give others access to information that would be life changing for them.

After many years of trial and error, failure, refinement and continuing evolution, Glenn created an organization whose focus is on helping people evolve in all aspects of their lives through personal development, health and wellness and professional development. Today, that organization is called Village Connector Community, where Glenn and his team are community servants to all.

Glenn has emerged as a serious thought leader whose words not only inspire but move you to action.

Micheline Murray

Independent Business Owner, Inspired by Life

Glenn has a unique way of bringing out the best in the people around him. He has an infectious enthusiasm for life that’s hard not to acquire once you’ve connected with him.

Rodney MInor

TV Producer, Business Resource TV

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Glenn's Podcast

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Glenn's TV Show

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Revealing What’s Possible With Deliberate Thought

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Village Connector Community

Village Connector Community

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Bold New Economy

Entrepreneur Mastermind

Join our exclusive members only affinity group created just for startup and early stage entrepreneurs.  Find out how entrepreneurship can serve your lifestyle desires.

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