We make choices every day that result in specific consequences.  Some of those consequences are perceived by us as positive, and some negative, but there’s always a consequence that follows the choices we make.

Some of us fear making choices, because we are afraid of the consequences that will follow.  We therefore make no choice, but in the decision to make no choice we actually have chosen. Given that the choice to do or not do a thing will still result in consequences, doesn’t it make more sense to be proactive rather than passive in our choices?

I have found that one of the best ways to get over the fear of making choices is to consider all of your available options and map out what the potential outcomes could be of those choices.  Next, allow yourself to be comfortable with whatever you believe the worst case scenario could be from the choices you find most attractive and then work to improve on the worst case scenario.

If you can accept the potential for the worst case scenario materializing you will be more effective in working to make sure it doesn’t happen, because you will be working from a position of empowerment not fear.