As summer winds down and we enter into fall, I find myself in a very contented place.  Fall is my favorite season as it brings with it a special tranquility that inspires me creatively.  Something about seeing the colorful change in season during this time of year puts me at peace and ignites my mind at the same time.

Over the years, I have found that cooler weather and fall colors create just the right atmosphere for reflection but also for vision, planning and growth.  Some people see fall and winter as a time for decay and hibernation.  I see it as a time for contemplation of possibility and the planting of seeds that lead to abundant harvest.

As I reflect on this past year’s activities, I am content with the progress I have made personally and professionally but I am not satisfied.  I feel I am heading in the right direction and I know that increasing my pace and activities will create even greater momentum towards my goals.  Fall is not a time to slow down for me.  It is a time to assess and re-energize myself and my projects.

Whatever the seasons mean for you, I wish you contentment without complacency and joy without settling for less than you can be.  Feel good!