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Fall:  An Inspiring Time For Sure

Fall: An Inspiring Time For Sure

As summer winds down and we enter into fall, I find myself in a very contented place.  Fall is my favorite season as it brings with it a special tranquility that inspires me creatively.  Something about seeing the colorful change in season during this time of year...

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There is No Key to Success.

This may be a shocker to some of us, but I have concluded that there is no key to success.  You can stop looking for one, because it's a waste of time. That is not to say that success happens accidentally.  Successful people engage in series of disciplines that they...

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Do You Feel Lucky?

"Luck is when opportunity knocks and you answer".  Unknown Author I'm not a  believer in luck.  What most people call luck I consider to be proper positioning through preparation.  When you go to a networking event and make a productive contact, it is because you took...

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The Essence of Leadership

"The Key to Successful Leadership today is influence, not authority."  Ken Blanchard Leadership is a recurring topic, especially in the world of relationship marketing.  So much of one's ability to be successful in relationship building centers around the ability to...

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Life’s Blessings Explained

Snow is a blessing if it puts you in a tranquil mood that allows you to reflect, experience joy, or be at peace.  Difficulties are blessings if they allow you to learn, grow from the experience and be better equipped for the next challenge.  People who treat you...

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