I was chatting with a young lady I mentor this morning about an idea I had for her, and our chat turned to the concept of “giving back”.  As we discussed the idea, I realized that the concept of giving back troubles me.  I decided then that I don’t believe in giving back.  I simply believe in giving.

The thing that troubles me about using the term giving back is that it carries with it a sense of obligation that brings to the entire process the wrong energy.  For me, giving should be a heart-centered opportunity to experience joy in making a difference for someone else.  It should never be tied to obligation.  For those who are the receiving end of the giving experience, sincere gratitude is what should be given in exchange for what we receive, not an obligation to to give in the future.

I think society has conditioned us to view giving as an obligation the way it conditions us to feel guilty about so many other things in life.  Societal beliefs frequently don’t serve the greater good of humanity.  Don’t be afraid to reject them when they don’t align with what’s in your heart.