I have been reading Napoleon Hill’s “Law of Success”.  It’s about 1,100 pages in all.  I have learned a lot from reading this gem, including how common sense can be brilliant.  So much of what Dr. Hill lays out in the book would strike you as being common knowledge, which is probably why it has escaped me and others for so long.  I have learned that what is common knowledge isn’t always common practice, and that has definitely been the case with the principles laid out in the Law of Success.

Dr. Hill starts off by teaching us the principle of the “mastermind” and the important role it has played in virtually every success story in American entrepreneurial history.  He next lays out other principles that form the basis for the so called law of success, principles like enthusiasm, self-control, imagination, character, and others.

Perhaps the thing that is most brilliant about the Law of Success is it’s simplicity.  While the principles Dr. Hill shares are common knowledge, his organization of them into this work make it easier to view them as a formula as opposed to a group of ideals to aspire to.  His explanation of how they all work together systematically to generate success fills in a puzzle very few people are able to solve.

I strongly recommend that you commit yourself to study and pursue the mastery of these principles.  The challenge will serve you well.