As we get closer to the election season it is apparent that this year will mark one of the most contentious political periods in the history of our country.  And, in my opinion it’s all for nothing!

While right and left wingers hurl talking points back and forth at each other, and while so called middle of the roaders claim objectivity in their views and turn up their noses at the so called extremist around them, everyone is missing the real issue that plagues us which is that no one is seeking creative solutions to the challenges we face, solutions that could be inclusive of all groups instead of intentionally divisive in nature.

We have an incredible body of talented minds in America and, indeed, across the world.  But, those same minds are very frail when it comes to dealing with emotions.  Politicians know this and they have crafted tactics designed to play on our emotions in a way that divides us and keep us from coming together as one.

We all have heard the quote “united we stand, divided we fall”, and no where is that more true and more apparent than in our current political process.  The truth is politicians like it that way, because their goal is not to come up with solutions, rather their goal is to concentrate power in political office, then perpetuate themselves in office to control the power.

If we would wake up to that reality I think we’d find more ways to pool our talents and energies to come up with solutions that would make us all proud and not require the blessing of some elected official who has been blinded by the pursuit of power.

Wake up America!  It’s time to understand what “We the People” really means.