My friends who are Star Trek fans (“Trekkies”) know that the title of this post came from the “Borg” episode. But, for those of you who are not fans I ask the question why are we so resistant to change?  Why does the concept of new opportunities terrify us so much?  Why do we allow ourselves to be so settled into a business routine so that anything that distburbs that routine becomes a target for attack?

Seth Godin talked about the futility of resisting change yesterday, but one thing he didn’t address is why we are resistant.  I am convinced it’s mostly fear based.  It’s easy to get comfortable with a routine, especially in business.  The more comfortable we become, the more troubled we are by something that disturbs the natural order of things.  That’s why people will complain about how much they hate their work, or their business, but they do nothing to change it.

People who are truly looking to make progress towards a rewarding outcome for themselves must be willing to not only embrace change, but seek it out and be the one creating it.  The mere fact that 99% of America is resisting change is what creates opportunity for those who are creating it!