I have attended business networking events, training seminars, and business expos and other types of business gatherings for many years, and while most of them have been productive to one degree or another I feel I got more out of them than most attendees.  I attribute this to the fact that, over the years, I have been selective about the events I regularly attend.  Through trial and error I have been able to identify the events that tend to attract the highest quality of people.  By quality, I am referring to people who are interested in more than just handing out their business cards and telling everyone they meet what they do.

This year, I’m experimenting with a new type of event called the Abundance Gathering.  The purpose of this event is to attract people who are serious about personal growth and to allow them to hang out with and get to know others who share that passion.  The event will feature a formal plan of instruction and ritual, all designed to get committed people focused on principles and activities that attract success.  The event will also feature a fellowship opportunity following the main presentation to afford attendees the opportunity to meet and collaborate with other attendees in a wholesome, productive environment.

We are hosting this event free of charge as a service to the communities we reach.  Right now, that will be primarily in Maryland, but we have plans to expand the reach of the event worldwide through streaming video of the Maryland sessions.

If you are local to Maryland, please feel free to join us for the Abundance Gathering.  You can RSVP and get more information by visiting http://www.abundancegathering.com.