This may be a shocker to some of us, but I have concluded that there is no key to success.  You can stop looking for one, because it’s a waste of time.

That is not to say that success happens accidentally.  Successful people engage in series of disciplines that they practice consistently.  Those disciplines become a way of life for them.  It’s making those disciplines part of who they are that makes it possible for them to achieve success.

Here are three of the disciplines successful people practice:

1)  Personal development – Successful people never stop learning.  They take consistent and conscious time to learn new skills.  They keep informed on what is changing in their industries and they actively consider how to make those changes work to their advantage.  Successful people consider themselves to be perpetual students, always looking to be better tomorrow than they were today at who they are and what they do.

2)  Community – Successful people are not afraid to be selective about who they choose to hang out with.  They realize that the quality of people they include in their inner circle affects the quality of opportunities that will come their way.   They are not snobs, but they do seek to surround themselves with people who inspire them.  Successful people quickly identify people who are investing in themselves as they are and seek to connect with them.

3)  Service to others – Successful people build their lives around being of service to others.   That doesn’t meaning always making a sale, but it does mean always making a friend.   By finding ways to help those around them achieve more they create trust and credibility with their neighbors, co-workers and colleagues.   This makes them attractive influencers which itself brings them opportunities to profit.  By delaying immediate gratification they actually attract more abundance than if every moment of their time was focused on making a sale.

There are other disciplines that contribute to success, but doing these three consistently is the fastest way to get started on the path to achievement.   These three disciplines will lead you to recognize others you should ad to your routine.