The most important lessons in life are subtle but important.  This week, I learned a lot about human nature, relationships and goodness when I invited my “friends” on Facebook to “like” a fan page for a young lady who is planning a project to tour the world and share her art and music everywhere she goes.

The first thing I learned is that good-hearted people sincerely enjoy helping others. I was very taken not only by how many people “liked” the page for my friend, but also how heart felt their support was.  It was inspiring and truly allowed me to see the quality of people who I have chosen to align myself with.

The second thing I learned was that not everyone on your friends list shares the same level of bond with you, even the ones you’ve known for years.  I found this to be an important lesson, because Facebook has caused us to use the term “friend” very loosely.  Friendship really needs to be evaluated in terms of the relationship you have with people, not just whether you made their “body count” list.

The last thing I learned, and actually, this is something that was merely reinforced for me, is that social media is the most powerful tool for bringing like-minded people together for a cause.  We waste the opportunity to make the tool do more good sometimes, but I think as social media matures our ability to use it as a community building tool will continue to mature as well.